Generate That Traffic On Your Blog And Make Money From It

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Generate That Traffic On Your Blog And Make Money From It

Occasions recently have shown that getting traffic to blogs are very challenging, especially if the blog is a new one, unless you’re prepared to spend money on advertisement. More challenging sometimes is connecting with the right audience and readers with your blogs.

Knowing that you’re the only reader of your blog is somehow heartbreaking and makes you wanna give up. The truth is that, you can never make a dime from a blog without traffic. But before you think of giving up, there are actually ways you can get traffic on your blog for free. Yes free! And legally of course.

In this article, I’ll be showing you 10 practical ways of getting more traffic to your blog and more importantly i will be exposing to you the rudiment of blogging. There are different ways of monetizing your blog and causing traffic but for the purpose of this write up lets just stick to this ten.

1. Site optimization
Traffic from search engines are the best. If done properly, site optimization will work wonder on your blog. Though optimizing your blog for search engines is one of the hardest method of getting free traffic, but making use of plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast (only WordPress users). That’s one of the advantages of using WordPress for blogging.

2. Fresh and valuable contents
According to Google, “keep it fresh and relevant”. People will check back on your blog if they enjoy your posts to see if you published a new post. That is why you must always update your blog. If they frequently check your, but the last post is still the same, they may never come back again. To make this system work for you, you should regularly give your readers interesting and valuable content.

3. Free Product or service offering
People love free stuff. You can give out free eBooks or host a giveaway. This has been one of the effective ways to get free traffic. It will bring you loyal visitors and increase your traffic if you do it regularly. If you are offering a free eBook, it must be related to your niche else it won’t work,

4. Posting on Forums
Most forums allow signature, if you know what I mean. You can use this to your advantage by placing a link back to your blog. With this style you can build a big list of followings because if you solve one or the query on the web people have a tendency to click on the URL in your signature to know more about you and hence can know about your website and start following you. Almost all blog owners on NairaLand uses this method.

5. Guest posting on high traffic blogs
If you give one of the best content to others it can make your website rank go up as it not only drives traffic towards your website but also establishes you as a serious folk in Blogging arena. Make sure you target a high ranking blog with massive traffic in your niche.

Lets continue again next  week with the concluding part of this write i trust you will be around for the round up part. But for more information you can contact us on 08089195182,08112620023.

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