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If you are visiting this site for the first time we want to say a very big welcome. This week we will be throwing a rhetorical question to you guys and it goes thus, who said you can not be what ever you want to be?. You can still be who you want to be no matter what you read in School!. Checkout the professions you can equally practice without studying it as a course in the university/polytechnics or even colleges of education.

1.BANKING : This profession is now flooded with workers who had graduated from courses not relating to banking profession. Imaging someone who had studied Yoruba or chemical engineering in the university but later got employed in a bank. This set of people only needed to be trained on some banking activities after they had been employed after which they are good to go.
2. TEACHING- It is very possible in Nigeria for someone who never studied education or any course relating to education emerging as a teacher.Regardless of the course you had studied, the point is- teaching can still be practiced by any graduate even without having an NCE or Degree in Education.
3. PHOTOGRAPHY- Do you know there is a course called photography? Tell me what are they studying in it? Even people who had only primary six certificate can do this job perfectly too.I don’t see any reason me studying photography as a course before i can be a guru in it.
4. FARMING –  I don’t need to learn agriculture as a course in the university before i can own a farm. Anybody can easily be trained in this profession. There are books and handouts out there that can train you on fishery,snail rearing,pig farming etc or even on cultivation of crops. You could also find adequate answers to any question on farming you “Google search” online. Seminars on farming are also common where prospecting farmers are trained in farming. It can also be learned directly too from other farmers. This job can be practiced regardless of whether you are a doctor, lawyer,politician, or a banker. I know of a former president of this country, who owns a mega farm settlement despite the fact he never went to university not to talk of studying agriculture as a course.

5)DRAMA/FILM MAKING: an actor was once asked what he studied in the university and he replied “law”. This answer made us to understand that anybody can become an actor,musician or artiste, irrespective of the course he or she had studied. You might have observed that hardly would you see any actor or musician in Nigeria who studied drama or music right back in school.Some of them are graduates of Law, medicine, accounting etc The ‘funniest’ thing is that those people may even come out better than people who had studied it as a course.
6. CHEMISTRY/INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY- Let me ask you a question. Is Aliko Dangote a graduate of industrial chemistry or chemistry? Of course not.But today he is a proud owner of a multi-billion dollar company in Nigeria that has provided jobs to many Nigerians. Other industries are also coming up in Nigeria today ranging from plastic industry to pure water industry, food,cream,rubber,biscuit,cements,sugar,salt industries and so on. The works performed in those industries can easily be learned from a specialist over a short period of time mostly from someone who had knowledge in chemistry or chemical engineering. You would no longer require the presence of such specialist after you had grabbed and finished up with those training. Meaning, you become a sole proprietor of those works and even train and employ others on it. So regardless of the course you had studied in the university, you too can learn the practical aspect of chemistry too and establish your own industry too. Thank God we have a lot of seminars that are been organized to teach people on how to make soap, nylon, asbestos etc. And from there you can be a millionaire and a proud owner of your own industry without having a certificate in chemistry

7. ICT PROFESSION- Some ICT companies now make huge money training people on computing, web designing, programming etc. The larger percentage of those attending such trainings and seminars are mostly computer illiterates. Certificates may even be handed over to them at the end of the training. This means that a computer- illiterate who had no knowledge in computing before would now turn to an expert making money through ICT and even training others without passing through the corridor of the department of computer science

8. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING- If you ask someone to get you an electrician to help you fix the wiring cables in your new house, don’t be surprised if you see an o’level certificate holder at your door step ready to do the job.And this set of people would do this job perfectly and to your amazement. You now wonder if someone who had only O’level or even no education could be so perfect in fixing any damage to any appliance how much more a graduate who probably might have read courses like accounting, English etc and courses who had no link to science or electricity. If an illiterate or semi illiterate could be so perfect in it after learning about electricity, it means you can grab and understand such job perfectly too after learning it. Even though you never attended technical college nor learned about electricity or electronic in the university. I know of people who are civil servants and who also ventures in this job as a second-hand or part time profession .

9. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- This is even worst!! Many people who work as a ‘Radionic’, car       mechanic,generator repairer etc are mostly not graduate of this course. This job can easily be learned directly without holding a pen from the workers of such job who are mostly either illiterate or semi illiterates. Okay, tell me – is that mechanic near your house or that man who often fix your generator for you a graduate?. I’m sure i would have 80% ‘No’ as answer. This means any person or graduate can do well in this job even without learning it as course in the university .

10.MASS COMMUNICATION- Learning mass communication as a course in a tertiary institution is a tremendous waste of time. A graduate of English language, linguistics,language or even any other course can still become a tv/radio presenter, newscaster, a programme anchor even without having a certificate in mass communication


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