The New Big Thing In Nigeria: Snail Farming Things That You Should Know -Part III

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The New Big Thing In Nigeria: Snail Farming Things That You Should Know -Part III

Wow words alone cannot explain how excited and appreciative we are for receiving your calls, text  and inbox massage about the practical skills to this adventure. Well to the many of us that desire the practicability of this lesson in as much as we are willing to give out the training for free as part of our co-operate social responsibility and little contribution to the development of our beloved country we, will want you guys to also on your part make adequate preparation as to the venue to be used and perhaps some practical tools to be provided for us to be able to assist you in your Snail farming proficiency.

Again Let me not bore you as i can see that your sense organs are already itching to get down to the point and extract the next information.

Based on the aforementioned, it is therefore petinent for us at Nation Development at this point in time to remind us all that this is our campaign on “Going Back To Roots” and open the eyes of our readers to the vast potential and a total comprehensive tutorials of the various business opportunities available in the Agricultural sector that is begging to be explored.


Escargot simply means snail meant for consumption usually in Europe and particularly in France, Spain and Portugal. For this backyard farming purposes, I will restrict it to farming, harvesting, processing and marketing of well packaged snails. You have to get to the ‘escargot level’ if you are ready to fully exploit the goldmine that is snail farming. It is not really expensive to start. As little as having 100 mature snails laid freely by 5 breeders can start off your snail empire. Instead of selling to the market woman who would price and haggle, just harvest your snails, clean them hygienically and store raw in a freezer. Now you can have a better price from your road side ‘frozen chicken and fish store’ , a neighbor or even a hotel or fast-food chain. 100 pieces x 250-400Naira in 6-8months.Do the maths for 1000 pieces when all you need is 50 meters square (5metres by 10metres piece of land) I smell money!
I promised to bare ‘every secret’ in snail farming.

Bigger escargot operations can rake in Millions from exporting to Europe, Asia and of course U.S.A. The U.S.A is a goldmine as the government banned ‘Live’ snails from being imported. Our African brothers need snail in that country no be small since no Giant African Snail farm can exist legally.
You can even do what I call stock market trading in snails. I simply buy small to medium sized snails from the forests at a very cheap rate in the rainy season (we are in one at the moment but it will soon end so take action now and put them in my ‘snail bank’ for 6 months). With a mix of expertise not unrelated to cheap/quality feeds and complete snail care you can sell in the dry season 4-6 months later and make 4-5 times gross profits. (Take into account initial capital, feeding costs ).
Example buy 1000 snails at N50 and sell for N250 after ‘Banking’ them. More preferable is you harvest, clean and market yourself.
This stock market is surer than sure.

Feeding is the single most important factor in snail farming. Snails are easy to feed, they will feed on nearly every organic food source that is non-toxic, not hairy/waxy including leaves, fruits, vegetables, tubers and household wastes (that contain no Table Salt (NaCl).
Common food sources include fruits and veggies like banana, melon, cabbage, carrot, pawpaw, lettuce, cucumber, potato, pumpkin, plantain etc. Some people formulate special feeds for snails but you have to outweigh the cons with the pro. Why buy when you can have it all natural and next to free? Think of cheaper sources! Fruit markets, gardens and even the bush behind your house.
The type of housing and the scope of your farm will ultimately determine your source and type of feeds. In that respect, contact me. Consultancy is not expensive.

Unless your snail farm is of the very extensive type, you will have to provide your snails with some or all the food they need for good development. This will require efforts on your part in growing or collecting snail food, or cash for buying it. Therefore, you must know what snails eat and what they need. Smaller snails will prefer juicer feed sources while adult snails can eat hardier feeds and will sometimes eat soil substrate to enrich its calcium source.

Calcium as I mentioned earlier is plentiful in some sources. I used to peel off the outside leaves of the cabbage until I read that the outer leaves have as much as 80% more calcium (40mg/kg and 70mg/kg) than the inside leaves. I also wait until the last minute to cut the cabbage, as exposure to the air causes loss of vitamin C.
Not forgetting the calcium/magnesium balance needed in feeds as too much magnesium will prevent calcium absorption which creates growth problems. There are plenty secrets indeed!

Snail farming is a slow but stable way of making money. I can however maximize your margins by integrating mixed organic farming into the mix.

To find out all out takes to start today, call or Whats-app 08065956712 To discuss your needs and receive professional planning, project setup, management etc.

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